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Datuk Haji Kamaruddin bin Awang

Datuk Kamaruddin, 57, is a Chartered Accountant with an illustrious career in the financial sector.He has worked in the New Zealand civil service, Citibank Athens and Standard Chartered London.

In Malaysia, Datuk Kamaruddin held various roles in Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad, rising through the ranks from a Financial Analyst to Deputy CEO of Bank of Commerce (M) Berhad.

Since retiring in 1994, he has been providing financial consultancy services in the banking and finance industry and has sat on the board of directors of several public listed companies including Metacorp Berhad, ACPI Berhad and Trenergy Berhad as Chairman and Director. He currently sits on the board as a Director of Inch Kenneth Kajang Rubber Plc, which is listed on the stock exchanges of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and London.Datuk Kamaruddin is also an Audit Committee member of a television company and Chairman of TI Care Sdn Bhd, a state-owned corporation.

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