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Tailored solutions & services to meet your needs 

Who We Are

Tailored solutions and services to meet your needs

NTECH is a private-owned venture capital management firm with international links throughout Europe and the USA. We are focused on investments into companies that provide disruption to the alternative energy sector through technology advancements as well as high growth startups in technology focused on areas such as e-commerce, logistics and data analytics for specific industries.

Our extensive network provides startup growth companies the opportunity to access international capital markets such as AIM, OTC, SGX, ASX as well as local tech funding platforms such as LEAP.

We mobilize our excellent connections with local advisory firms, merchant bankers and investors to provide our investee companies with access to series capital fund raising, risk assessment, feasibility research and IPO services. This is part of NTECH’s DNA. We not only provide them with access to capital but also include corporate strategy services that enable them to fulfill their vision.

NTECH is able to recognize key challenges faced by early stage companies such as having the necessary liquidity to sustain their development and growth phase.

With this understanding, we have developed a unique proprietary management model that allows us to deploy the capital and ensure that it is maximized within a startup. The aim of our capital is to accelerate their development and growth, allowing these companies to penetrate international markets with their products and services.

Fund The Future

Over the past decade, NTECH has focused on specialized private funding into startups and early stage private equity funding for technology companies moving through the growth cycle. Now in order to further enhance this expertise, knowledge and in-depth market information, we are in the midst of launching our first full-fledged fund, the NTECH FUTURE FUND 1.

The FUTURE FUND 1 will dramatically accelerate and give NTECH the ability to power its investment calls exponentially to unlock unprecedented value for the organization. Please contact us for a more personalized presentation on the fund.

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