A Technology & Disruptive Growth Based Venture Capital Firm 

What We Do
NTECH Capital is a venture capital management firm that leads investments in companies focusing on alternative energy, disruptive technologies and high-growth startups emerging from Asian economies.



A fundamental unique offering to startups both in early or late stage development is that once NTECH’s investment is placed in these companies, our management pro-actively supports the investee companies by offering in-depth business and financial strategy advise.

Our background in connecting start-up companies for potential IPO’s, M&A’s  in alternative markets such as AIM, OTC, ASX, SGX and LEAP is a crucial advantage for our investee companies to leverage on.


NTECH has been actively involved in the venture capital investment space for the past decade. It recognizes that one of the key challenges for both companies and their founding members is sustainable liquidity during the growth phase of these businesses. This issue is amplified further for companies operating outside the major technology hubs such as Silicon Valley and London.

We help companies improve their access to capital within the region itself, this helps to boost their growth strategy and capture market share. Our investments come together with specialized boutique corporate advisory services that help our investee companies. This will increase the intrinsic value of investments made by NTECH within the investment cycle. It provides our investee companies access to investment series fund-raising at various levels. This can eventually lead to M&A’s, IPO’s and other capital markets transactions, which allows NTECH to realize the value of its strategic investments.

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